Founded in 2005 and legally established in 2020.  BrownHouse Holdings, Inc. is an investment and acquisition company that is based in Milwaukee WI. Brown House was established as a private corporation in the greater Milwaukee Wisconsin area. BrownHouse was formed as a diversified holding company that has the structural ability to facilitate the acquisition of existing companies. BrownHouse is also involved in acquiring shares in other companies with the potential to do very well.

We currently have stock holdings in 25 different companies as well as several investments in cryptocurrency.

We also provide Back Office Support services to all entrepreneurs, start-ups, and other small businesses around the state of Wisconsin. And for some services around the nation.

Our vision is to become a leading diversified holding company while maximizing shareholders’ value and enabling economic development on a global scale.

Our mission is to enrich shareholder value by providing each of our companies with the necessary tools needed to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for distribution to our stockholders.

We look forward to building great business relationships throughout our community and our nation as we continue to grow.